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Trauma is a broad term that includes many different types of overwhelmingly negative experiences, such as exposure to an assault, an abusive relationship, an accident, or a natural disaster. Such experiences can result in ongoing fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, memory loss, relationship difficulties, sleep problems, and/or a sense of feeling permanently changed or damaged. Recovering from trauma is a highly personal experience. Many people find it helpful to build a greater understanding of the traumatic experience, and to consider options for rebuilding senses of safety and trust. Stress management and relaxation skills often play an important role in recovery.

Trauma due to sexual assault shares many characteristics with other kinds of trauma, but is unique in many ways. One way in which it often differs is that for many, if not most victims, treatment does not happen until long afterwards. Whenever treatment is sought, however, it is important that a strong and trusting relationship is established between the client and therapist.    

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