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Substance Use and Abuse

Most individuals at some point in their lives use alcohol or some other substance which can directly affect mood, perception, or mental functioning. The use of pain killers (narcotics), anti-anxiety "tranquilizers," stimulants, and sleep aids have greatly expanded the range of "substances" that are available. And most "mood altering substances" have the potential of becoming abused.

Professionals specializing in substance use (signified as a Certified Addiction Counselor), work with individuals who are concerned about the role that their use of some substance has in their lives. The initial step is to collaborate with the individual to evaluate the pattern of use. Unpleasant circumstances that occurred while using a substance commonly serve as the motivational basis for seeking professional services---whether mandated by the court, pressured by family members, or personally motivated. Treatment involves making changes in behavior, understanding contributing factors, and monitoring progress in healthy directions. The involvement of partners, family, and supportive resources are typically important elements. The specialty of Substance Use and Abuse can also include services for family members, partners, and employers who are experiencing the impact of someone else's use of substances.    

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