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Clients younger than 18 years old are almost always referred by a parent or teacher. Treatment includes the individual child or adolescent and focuses on the contexts in which problems occur. Treatment of many children and adolescents includes work with the family and sometimes with the school. Our child psychologists have training in this specialty, and our school psychologist is certified in Pennsylvania to work closely with schools and parents in development of educational and treatment plans.

Behavior management training helps parents learn strategies they can use at home to reduce their child's behavior problems and improve their child's social skills. Training usually can be completed in 6 to 12 sessions and involves practice assignments. Behavior management training is one of the most effective treatments for children who argue, refuse to follow directions, and fight with siblings or peers. Behavior management training is one of the most effective treatments for children who are shy or who have strong fears that interfere with their healthy adjustment.

Psychoeducational evaluations are used to determine how specific cognitive factors and social/behavioral factors might contribute to a child's adjustment at school. Psychoeducational evaluations usually include assessments of intellectual ability and academic achievement and can be used to identify specific learning strengths and challenges. They also can include behavioral assessments to determine whether difficulties paying attention or hyperactivity might be interfering with a child's ability to succeed in the classroom context. Psychoeducational evaluations include specific recommendations that schools, teachers, and parents can implement to ensure that children have successful educational experiences.    

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